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Sum3d Dental Software

Are you dreaming about greater functionality of your dentisry software and security in the future?

SUM3D Dental turns your dreams into reality right now! Reliable software ensuring expanding your technical capabilities, improving quality and range your work.

SUM3D Dental is a CAM solution designed specifically for use in the field of modern dentistry. This software has been developed through direct cooperation with large milling centers. SUM3D Dental is an open, multifunctional and easy-to-use software that shows high performance and minimal processing time. And all this at an affordable price!

Using this sofware completely eliminates the need for manual layout.

You do not have to manually select the curves needed for define milling zones, or manually enter data for drilling holes and defining milling zones.

Pre-milled abutment

Premilled Abutment is a state-of-the-art abutment manufacturing technology based on the principle of turning milling using 4 or 5-axis machine tools.

The essential difference lies in the fact that the technology makes it possible to achieve such a quality of finishing. It allows you to install abutments immediately after the completion of their milling.

Residual material visualization

Residual imaging is a new feature that can be used before processing. This feature allows the user to see the material that may remain after completion of milling. This allows you to see the expected the result before the start of milling, based on the minimum size of the cutters used and the operations performed by SUM3D in relation to the surface of the object created in the CAD program. Areas with remnants of material are highlighted in different colors directly on the restorations, allowing the user to see areas which were not processed due to the size of the tool. Thanks to this, the user can activate or change type of milling or cutting conditions, providing unsurpassed accuracy of surface treatment.

Multi-layered or pre-painted material

Controlling a multi-layered or pre-stained material allows for more accurate positioning of the restoration in accordance with the various shades that are present in layers in a disk or block. This will make it much easier to reproduce color shade and position determined at the design stage, with the transition from CAD design to CAM processing. This new feature SUM3D Dental allows you to minimize the loss of time on the stage nesting. And avoid costly mistakes when milling restorations that are improperly located in multilayer materials.

Post Synthesis Milling Function

The function of post-synthesis milling allows milling of the workpiece after laser sintering (laser metal fusion). CAM software provides user the ability to manage the project within a separate unique production environment. Starting from the synthesis process and ending with the transition to milling, the user can make additional changes on the processed workpieces.

Thanks to the combination of two production technologies, reduced milling time and minimized waste volume, and thus work becomes more economical.

Both processes are handled by the CAM program, thereby eliminating difficulties associated with the transfer and reading of data from one program to another. As a result, the cost of acquiring licenses and data incompatibility issues.



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