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The digital laboratory is the present

In recent years, approaches to dental treatment have radically changed.

Digital technology is a challenge for our time!

Every day in dental practice use the most advanced techniques that require advanced tooth-technical services.

The 21st Century Laboratory looks like a futuristic spacecraft, and dental technicians are its pilots.

The production of various ceramic designs now begins with a monitor screen and sophisticated computer programs. Modern dental technician must have not only dental knowledge, but also be on a familiar words with a computer.

Digital technology for orthopedic restorations is a fundamentally new quality in the treatment of teeth. Their functional and aesthetic restoration.

The digital laboratory is:

  • process of scanning of patient’s teeth models by a high-precision scanner;
  • creation of high-tech software of three-dimensional models of future restoration;
  • Milling machines with advanced methods of material processing;
  • special furnaces for ceramic constructions guaranteeing the accuracy of their planting in 16 microns;
  • advanced CAD/CAM systems.


  • the uncompromising accuracy of the crown adherence to the tooth retains tightness and prevents microorganisms from getting under construction and destroying the tooth;
  • titanium, zircon, lithium disilicate – modern highly durable materials that are not corroded;
  • the creation of biologically compatible solid-ceramic restorations.

The restoration, made out of obsolete technology, can not ensure the accuracy of the landing of structures. Which is now available through the use of digital equipment!

CAD/CAM systems – computer modeling and Computer Aided Manufacturing – computerized production. Moreover this is a system, that allows you to make the process of creating dental restorations (for example, veneers) fully controlled by digital technology.

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