Truth and fiction about dental implants.

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A lot of patients seeking dental care today suffer from a lack of teeth.

People who have lost their teeth due to ignorance or due to medical error, are not very willing to come to the dental clinic again. As a rule, these are people of the older generation, who grew up in the post-Soviet dentistry and who remembered the sounds of the drill and did not know the sweet word anesthesia. For them, the possibility of restoring an absent tooth with the help of dental implants seems very incomprehensible and sometimes strange. We are not entirely lucky that we were born and raised in a country like the USSR.


While the whole world, starting from the 60s of the last century, actively used the discovery of the great Bronemarc as osteointegration, we were clearly and clearly told that implantation, like genetics, is pseudoscience and decree of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, implantation was prohibited on the territory of the USSR until 1986. The most annoying is that so far most doctors of dentists have not changed their opinion about this technology. Their misfortune is not that they do not want to improve their professional level by studying new technologies and materials. But that they can wrongly say criminally influence the minds and opinions of ordinary citizens, who asked them as professionals, are not truthful and distorted information about dental implants.

Dental implantation

But what to say, most of the patients who were asked how they relate to implantation, responded that, this technology has a lot of complications. They say it is not currently a technique that they would like to use to recover missing teeth. Speaking of dental implantation in our country, it is still difficult to explain such a massive denial among doctors. Most likely, not out of ignorance, but because everyone primarily pursues their mercantile interests. If you send a patient to install an implant to another doctor, you will remain without work and, therefore, without earnings.

So doctors and dentists tell patients scary stories about how some of the familiar patients did not take root implants, and had to, then clean the inflammations, and prick a bunch of antibiotics, and almost save life!

What and how you need to know

To begin, in order to install the implant, it is necessary to conduct an examination of the patient. It includes an inspection, X-ray examination of the entire dentition, or OPG (orthopantomogram). If necessary, the doctor may order additional bone examination or CT scans. For patients suffering from general diseases, it may be possible to require a blood test. And a conclusion of the therapist about the state of the immune system.

If you have completed all the studies, then the next step will be the consultation of the surgeon’s implantologist. As a rule, in most cases, consultation is paid and depends on the level of the clinic. But in clinics that actually do this type of treatment, the cost of the consultation is included in the price of the implantation itself. If you came just to talk, then pay. And if you want a service, the conversation will be included in the cost of implantation.

Regarding the guarantees, here is a special article.

For some reason everyone decided that implantation can be compared with repairing a car or buying household appliances. This is a complex biological process, involving intervention in the internal space of your body and depending on a variety of factors. Sometimes not dependent on the doctor and patient. Talking about guarantees in medicine is quite difficult, even such a difficult thing as a pacemaker, on which human life depends, and he has no guarantee. Let’s face it, we will do our best to ensure that, as a result of our intervention, we get maximum positive results. Therefore, decide for yourself what and how, but you do not want to give empty promises. And finally, glorious dentists want it, or not, and new technologies and materials gradually fill our dental market.

And now it is not at all necessary in order to have a Hollywood smile to go over different lands and spend a lot of money.



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